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Body Awareness

As you read this, pause for a moment, and begin to give attention to the position you are in. Is your back staight or bent, and if bent in what way? Have you been in this position for a while? Is it beginning to feel fixed and stiff? Do you notice other sensations in your body? These are all observations about how you arr using your self while reading. Please dont make assumptions at this stage about what is good use and what is misuse. These will be explained in the treatment. Simply observe what is going on whith curiosity, but whithout judgement.

Our use involves the positions we put our bodies in and the movements that we make getting from one position to another. But the way in which we use our selves is not restricted to the way in which we use our bodies. Our thoughts and feelings play as great a part in our use as do our physical movements. In fact they are inseparable.. The mental decision to do even the simplest activity, such as walking, sitting, or standing, precedes and is maintained during that activity. What we are thinking and feeling when we sit, stand, wash the dishes or drive a car is going to affect the way in which we do it enormously. And this is even more true for stressful situations, such as taking examinations or performing in front of an audience.

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Yoga causes us to pay attention to the way in which there is something deeper than the narration that we are giving to what is going on. There is a deeper literature of the body that is telling us back to ourselves, if we listen. And it is painful to do so, sometimes, and I think that is a really wise thing to do.

When you open up to the body, open up the heart, some of those heart-opening poses, they are vulnerable. And its not because of an incapacity for the physical body to do that. Its because the body goes deeper into its own knowing.

Break down bodily tensions and restore natural ease.