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Coaching Yogateachers to success

If you can tell me what kind of
successful Yogabusiness you want, I can
show you how to get it!

Thats a strong statement, I know.
How can I be so sure without knowing you? Without knowing where you stand and what
kind of problems you may have been struggling with for years?

Quite simple: there are laws that apply to everyone and there are success strategies that
work for everyone.

I`m a Yogi first and a business coach second. I always prefer to be on my mat then on my
computer. I share techniques that are simple and fast. As a Yoga Teacher myself I can trouble
shoot yoga teaching topics that other business coaches don`t understand.

Even if you are of course a very special and individual person, you need exactly the same
things as all abundant teachers so that you can enjoy an ongoing successful and fulfilling life and business.

Untill now you may not have found the way how to market your services, even you are full of
ideas and so desperate to forward your experience to the world.

You may change!
You do not bend or disguise.... but grow as a personality.
As long as you remain the same person with the same beliefs, the same subconscious
programs, and the same behaviors, you will experience more or less the same outcome.

So you "only" need 2 things to become successful for the rest of your life:
You need to know what constitutes a successful and abundant business and what qualities
you should have as a abundant Yogateacher.

You become a better version of yourself by replacing your old, useless and restrictive beliefs,
programming and behaviors with new, positive and supportive ones.

Put more simply, you need an understandable recipe and you need to know exactly what
ingredients you need.

The coaching programm "Kamala Yoga for abundants" is our exclusive 8 week programm to
finally leave the past behind you and to lead a rich, successful and abundant life.. 

The coaching programm is definitly completely different and therefore much more effective
than anything you have seen before.

We don`t just solve your current problems, but you learn how successful yogabusiness works
in the right way, so that you will never again have situations like you are facing in the

Not only do we show you week after week exactly what you can do next, but we also clear all
the obstacles out of your way and catch you should you fall back.

By combining the most effective methods, not only working on the conscious level but
especially on the subconscious and physical level - you can now take the shortcut everyone is
looking for.

Our goal is clear, in 8 weeks you have all the strategies and tools to create a successful and
abundant Yogabusiness, not only understood but internalized.

How can you participate in this
coaching program?

Not everyone can participate in this exclusive coaching program.
In a free and non-binding conversation we will check whether the program is really suitable
for you, whether it can definitely help you to become successful and whether your attitude
and personality fits into the program at all.

- You have to be determined to really want a change now without handing over the
to someone else or something else.
- You have to be open to new ways - apparently nothing has worked at all that you were
   convinced of before.
- And it must be so important to you that you are willing to give your very best for it.

Book your appointment here for a free soulful discussion and answer a few questions.
We will then check whether you are really serious about wanting to change something in your life.

With our soulful discussion we pursue 3 goals:

You have absolute clarity where you stand today, what the real problems are in with your
business and what separates you from the goal of your dreams. We will talk about what you
have tried in the past and why none of it worked. And we will also see if there are any mental
or psychological blockages.

The aim of this part of the conversation is to uncover the real problems and get to the root

And if we can help you tackle the root of the problem, we will of course tell you exactly what
results and successes you can expect from the coaching program.

Next we will find out if you fit into our group or not. We have an incredibly motivated and
mutually supportive group of clients who all work together towards very similar goals.

We have such strict admission criteria because we have realized how much faster our clients
achieve even greater results when they motivate, inspire and enthral each other.

Your personality is more important to us then the currant situation you are in now.

If everything fits so far we will offer you a place in our coaching programm and once again go
through all the details of the program.

We will then discuss your investment options, officially admit you to the program and
immediately start the first module.

We dont want to waste any more time unnecessarly.

Click here for your free soulful conversation appointment

How does the coaching program "Kamala Yoga for abundance" work?

The coaching program is an exclusive program that changes not only your business but your
entire life - forever.

You get acccess to our exclusive and private member area. There you have access to
everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you are completely independent in
terms of time and place and absolutely flexible!

Every week there is a new module that ensures that you can internalize all these strategies
with ease and fun in your subconscious. So that after these 8 weeks you always do exactly
the right thing naturally to create your successful business and attract clients untill the end of
your life.

These are crystal clear step-by-step instructions, thanks to which you will understand why
things come so far, why nothing has worked so far and what you really need and should do
instead. You will see how easy all this can be if you just do the right things.

The program is based on Gabys over 20 years of coaching experience and combines the best
and most effective methods.

By working on the conscious, subconscious and physical levels at the same time we can
achieve better results in less time and even ensure that the results are truly lasting.

Whenever Gaby finds something that is easier and faster to achieve, she will update the
coaching program accordingly. This ensures that our coaching methods are always up to date.

You get all the strategies and tools you need to create a abundant and successful business
for the rest of your lfie.

But thats not all...

We have promised you that we will take you by the hand for 8 weeks and show you the right
way. The abbreviation. Thats why in addition to the modules, you also get our personal and
cempletely individual support.

Every week we check your progress. We take a close look at whether you have done the
exercises correctly and whether you are progressing as we intended.

Additionally there are weekly Coaching & Training Calls during which you can also ask us all
your questions live and get all the support and help you need. And in this calls you will also
hear about the experience of other clients who at first thought it was impossible for them and
who now created the business of their dream.

And if you are faced with major problems or for any reason do not progress as quickly as
planned, we will invite you to a 1:1 phone call.

You will get all the help and support you need to get ahead as quickly and easily as possible.
And during this 6 weeks we will take as much time for you as you need to become the best
version of yourself.

This is the #1 business program for Yogateachers for a good reason. We do everything we can
to ensure that each of our clients achieves the goals they set themselves. We do everything
that is necessary to support talented Yoga Teachers to grow abundant Yoga businesses.

What results can I expect?

Because we cannot control and influence how disciplined you will approach the whole thing
and how much energy and power you will put into your business, we cannot promise or
guarantee specific results.

We only work with clients who understand that they are responsible for their own lives and
businesses. They have understood that the successes in our program depends directly on how
much effort they put in and whether they follow our instructions step-by-step.

How much does the coaching program cost?

First of all, its important for you to understand that we are not talking about "costs" here.
You don`t pay us for the hours we work with you on your business. You don`t just buy a
product that is used up and then doesn`t work for you anymore.
No, you invest in your business and in your own life. You invest in something from which you
can profit for the rest of your life. You invest in training so that in the future you have the
right skills, strategies and tools for every situation and problem in your business and get it
back on track.
You will be able to reap the benefits of your investment for the rest of your life.

We deliberately don`t give a price here, because you can`t just buy the coaching program anyway.
We first want to make sure that you fit into our program and that it will work for you and
achieve the desired results. We don`t just want your money, we want your success.

If you only choose the coaching program because you find the price attractive, you would not
be an optimal client for us. We want to work exclusively with people who want to change
something from the bottom of their hearts - and not because the price appeals to them.

But honestly....
You dont go to the Mercedes dealer with the expectation to buy a new S-Class for 30000
Just find out how much the best business coach and life coach in your region would cost if
they worked with you 3 - 4 times a week for 1-2 hours each on your progress, your blockades
and your goals. So we could easily charge over 1000
0  for our coaching program.

But what if I cant afford it?

If you think you don`t have any money, just think about where you would get the money from
if your car had and engine failure and has to get a new one....
Or what do you do when the heater goes down in December? Total loss. You would buy a new
one, wouldn`t you? Whether you have money or not - you make it somehow possible, right?
Because you have no other choice!

Its definitely never about money - its just about how important it really is to you.
And thats why you can be completely honest with yourself when it comes to the question of
how much you really want to be a successful and abundant Yoga Teacher. Whether yo are
willing to make it possible for yourself, or whether you would rather continue like this.
If you are suitable for the coaching program and we are absolutely sure that we can help you,
we also offer you a one-time discount.
Because if you would like to join our program, we want to make your decision as easy as possible.
So far, anyone who really wanted to stat with us and for whom it was important enough could do so.

And lets be honest, thinking it just means that you are further delaying the decision to finally
want a successful and abundant business and life, losing even more time and money. Thats
why we give you a big incentive to decide quickly and easily.
The faster you decide, the faster you will be able to grow, serve and shine in bringing your
gifts to the world with ease and abundance. Rather then seeking permission to love your life,
just do it!

Its that simple   =0) 

Anything else I should know?

We reserve the right not to include you in our program for any reason. Unfortunately, we have
to reject some of the interested people. As I said, you must not only fit into the program, but
also into the group. If we have the feeling that it wouldnt fit for some reason, we wont make
you an offer - it doesnt matter how much you are willing to pay.

Many of our clients start the program with the intention to pursue their business dharma. And
they do. But you will also end the program as a completely new person. You will change your
whole life positively. You will go through life with a completely new attitude. you will have
much stronger self-confidence and will definitifely be more balanced, alive and happy.

And all this begins with a simple decision: