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Facial Yoga

regain your youth with facial yoga

We are all aware of the positiv benefits of exercise. But exercise should not stop at the neckline. The facial muscles deserve to be toned and firm as the crowning glory to a well developed below-the-neck anatomy. Why on earth ignore your face?

Facial muscles can benefit from exercise as much as any other muscles. But in order to tone them, we must learn to train them and then we must practice.
The facial muscles are trained to help lift the skin and drooping and sagging areas are lifted and firmed, minimizing and softening lines and wrinkles. In turn, the full-body yoga poses draw more freshly oxygenated blood to the face, giving your skin a rosiness and luminescence, and eliminating bloat, toxins and dullness. The poses also stimulate and regulate hormonal function, which helps to prolong and counter aging. Detoxification and improved nerve communication both contribute to de-aging the body, mind and face.

Take the opportunity to look and feel the very best we can for our age every day and to care for the health of our face as we do with our body.

A facial yoga class consists of relaxation, breathing exercises, shoulder and neck stretches, and exercises for the neck, chin, cheeks, eyes, forehead and the scalp. On top you will learn how to cleanse and rejuvenate your face with natural products. 

                                     Om Bolo Sat Guru Bhagavan. Qi Jai Hari Om Tat Sat

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