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Hand and Footreflexory Treatment

hand- and Footreflexory treatment

Footmassage - relaxing from head to tow

Our feet are among the most neglected parts of the body. Even though they are very sensitive. 26 bones, 27 joints, 32 muscles and 107 ligaments carry our entire body. They carry us many thousand kilometers through our life and they can - similar to our feet - reach, touch and feel. And yet, most of us give them only little attention. A little care and wellness for our feet can bring real wonders to body and soul.

A footmassage ensures relaxation from head to toe. Wether a gentle touch or a massage of the reflex zones - the whole body is addressed when we devote ourselves to our feet.
A foot massage is ideal for stress and headache patients, it also stimulates new energy and vitality and has a positive effect on our muscles and metabolism and stimulates our self-healing powers.

Handmassage - Activation of your sensibility

Our hands are heavily used in everyday life and must withstand many external strains. Many fine nerve tracts pass through our fingertips. In some professions a perfect sensation is obligatory, therefore a hand massage activates the sensibility and increases general well-being. 

Since the hands of a human being not only serve as a gripping tool, but also are the endpoints of nerve cords from the brain in our fingertips which support shoulders and arms, a hand massage also has the benefit of relaxing the neck-shoulder area by Kneading and loosening the hands.
The hand resembles the foot reflex zones so that a hand massage can affect the entire organism. Since the hands are also sence organs, a hand massage is felt as very beneficial.

The duration of the Hand- und Footmassage is 45 minutes

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