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This is our time. This is our defining moment, our chance to evolve, to shift our entire consciousness. I know that many of you are feeling the changes within your bodies and within your immediate spheres. The collective transition is causing much rumbling within the field and we share those internal storms. This incoming dissonance is a painful sensation, as it does not resonate with our natural rhythm. As a species, we have been trying to separate ourselves from nature with more and more pathological fervour over time. We claim the rights to any land we touch. The animals have no rights, nor the plants or the earth itself. We do not connect with the life upon which we are nested. We crave coherence, yet we live in a constant state of chaos and fear. That state fosters pathologies of every stripe; lying, cheating, bullying, fighting, arguing, opposing, competing and hurting one another. Our unruly discontent is managed by the institutions of government, church and school.  These institutions of control and authority understand the power of using fear to manipulate us, though I truly believe the individuals administering the institution’s agendas are not aware of this. It is more like a wave deep beneath the collective consciousness rolling us along the ocean floor and lining us up into straight and narrow rows of cultural rules and social mores.


Our craving for coherence can only be fulfilled if we become wild humans again. We have been taught that “wild” means crazy or out of control, but indeed it means “living in a state of nature”. The second meaning in the dictionary shows our absolute disconnect: “growing or produced without cultivation or the care of humans”. What? How could this be? Why did we deny our connection to nature in this way? We see that earlier tribal cultures, and even many today, live in and with nature in sustainable and naturally integrated ways. We are vitally cooperative in nature, but the disconnection from its rich life support created conditions for those who found they could rise to power by controlling and manipulating other people. They did this using fear and intimidation to divide us against one another. Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” conclusion was not only wrong, it was a destructive idea, which validated the greed and power brokers who sprang up like invasive weeds all along the timeline of our becoming. Competition is not natural to human prosperity and community harmony. "If you talk to people in aboriginal or indigenous cultures, you find the highest societal value is cooperation. And competition is a very low value. Competition beyond certain boundaries is considered mental illness.

Let us open to this opportunity to become wild and natural humans again. Let us find our coherence and our true brilliance. Let us ask the earth to teach us what we need to learn. May we find a way to love the earth beneath our feet, the trees and plants rooted within our world, the animals sharing the oxygen and the ocean life; rich with intelligence beyond our comprehension. Our first work on this journey is to release the fear within our hearts. All negative experience is rooted in fear. Without fear, no one can control us. Without fear, we truly become a “wild civilization”. Our true human nature is loving and cooperative. Without fear we do not need weapons, or military or protection from one another. The fact that humans are the only predators of humans does not reflect human nature, as we have been taught. We are simply displaying the behaviour of wild beautiful beings held captive in the cage of a small paradigm where we are taught to be fearful through enslavement and the lie of scarcity. We behave the way zoo animals behave, because we have been removed from our natural world. Unlike zoo animals, we can walk away from this paradigm, for the cage walls are an illusion which we are all projecting upon the field. Imagination, ingenuity and love will make us resourceful creators of the new earth. Let us become a wild civilization of harmonious humans, sharing the earth with all of life; creating small local communities and cities which are designed with respect and love for the surrounding wildness. Let us eat healthy, fresh food and drink clean water. Let us move our bodies and become free, happy people!
Wildheart Tribe