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one month holistic yoga retreat

one month transformational yoga journey 1. - 28. June 2019

Embarking on a holistic inner yoga journey is an important step and can reap rewards for a lifetime.

My general approach is to keep classes small.  This allows me to get to know all students and adjust the order of teaching the required curriculum accordingly.  I teach all classes personally and encourage questions and class participation in discussions. This course is designed in accordance with the requirements of a 200 hours yoga teacher training of the yoga alliance.

There are many aspects in the asana class.  I teach, not only the traditional positions, but the benefits.  Also the identification of individual bodies with their strengths and limitations, alternative positions to accommodate injury and disease is important. This information helps you be more attuned.  Emphasis is put on listening to our bodies and act according.  Of course, experience and time also make us better practicioners, so everyone will receive individual advice before the course ends.

Besides asana classes, I teach about human nature, our own included.  The better we understand ourselves, the better we can deal with life itself.  In philosophy class we discuss how to adapt ancient teachings to the modern world.  The anatomy class allows us to see the body from the inside and picture in our minds what is happening during asana class and how our living pattern affects our health, both mental and physical.

The course is a time of personal growth - the cocoon to the butterfly.

In this holistic yoga retreat, you will learn :

  • Fundamental yogic principles and knowledge
  • Learn to create variations with existing asanas
  • Explore abilities of your body which were hidden to you until now
  • Gain deep understanding and experience of the multifaceted effects of Yoga
  • Develop profound awareness and knowledge of the nature of human mind and spirit
  • Manage emotions according to the principles of Yoga
  • Get knowledge about important scriptures relating to yogic tradition
  • Establish a solid personal practice of asanas and meditation that will grow in depth and intensity over time
  • Learn advance techniques of Yoga which are not common in other training programs
  • Get understanding about your own energy system and how to regulate it

Duration : 28 days

Prerequisite :Applicants should be able to demonstrate a general level of health and fitness. Download application form here.

Course structure
Contact hours with Yogini Gaby Anjali are the Classroom hours with the teacher (attendance mandatory)

Topics :

  • Patanjali Sutra’s
  • History/Philosophy/Ethics/ Lifestyle of Yoga
  • Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga
  • Lecture
  • Chanting
  • Teaching methodology
  • Mudra’s/ Bandha’s/ Kriya’s

Non Contact hours : Students familiarize themselves with theoretical aspects of yoga, prepare assignments/ presentations and practice independently

Course Cost with 2 - 4 people : 1950.- Euro (excluding Accomodation, Food and Books)
Course Cost with 1 person : 2550.- Euro (excluding Accomodation, Food and Books)

Maximum Group size : 4 people (individual applications are considered and organized by the school)

Delicious vegetarian breakfast and cosy accomodation is available at Sinai Old Spices Guesthouse. Additional cost for food, books and travel will have to be incurred by the students themselves. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you. If you have any further queries relating to details about the schedule please contact the school.

You need a Patanjali Yoga Sutra of Iyengar  and a Hatha Yoga Pratipika.

Daily Schedule :

 7 contact hours a day.

(Every Wednesday - Free day, no contact hours, time for rest and openbook assignments)

  • 06.30 to 07:45 - Wake up, Shatkarmas and shower, Meditation
  • 08:00 to 10:00 - Morning Asana Class Tribal Ashtanga Yoga
  • 10:00 to 12:30 - Main Lecture
  • 12:30 to 16:00 - Free time for lunch and relaxation
  • 16:00 to 18:00 - Evening Asana Practice Tribal Hatha Yoga
  • 18:00 to 20:00 - Free time for shower light dinner
  • 20:00 to 22:00 - organization daily notes, reading and relaxing
  • 22:00 to 05.30 - Sleep and sweet dreams

What to consider before committing to a yoga retreat

Payment and Cancellation Policy