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how to meditate in a moment

Need a moment? This is like those Twix ads except it’s zero calories and you won’t

get chocolate all over your face. mmm…chocolate.

If you’re looking for extra patience in line at the grocery store, communicating with
your darling children or have ever seriously considered tossing your computer out
the window if the rainbow wheel of death doesn’t stop spinning, then perhaps you
might benefit from this short how-to video. Besides, it’s adorable! Thanks to creator
and author Martin Boroson (he’s got a book: One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go)

Martin suggests that if we can learn to meditate in a moment, a fraction of time,
then we can learn to meditate when and wherever we need it.

Start with this basic minute, or “moment with handles on it” and see where it takes
you. Thenmaybe a little chocolate. Won’t hurt anyone.