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Observing man
Observing this extraordinary creation of man.

What we are will create the world.

And then by the world we are trapped. We have created this society. Not only each one of us but our past generations. Those and us have created this present immoral distractive society. And we are trapped by that society. That society is made by each one of us. So we are responsible for that society.

Whether it is possible NOT to change society, but is it possible to radically deeply transform our condition which is understanding deeply our consciousness which is what we are. Is it possible to transform not into something but to chainbill about the mutation in the very structure and nature of our consciousness.
That is the problem, that is the crisis.
It is not a political crisis, economic crisis or the crisis of war. But the crisis is in ourselves and we apparently can not face that crisis or unwilling to face it. So we try to escape from that fact through various forms of entertainment. Religious, political, football, and all the rest of it.

Also the content of our consciousness, the content being, what should think, what should feel your reactions, your despairs, your pleasures, your depression, your sorrow, your believes, your loneliness, your desperateness and the fear of ultimate death. All that`s your consciousness.
That is what you are!

And we are asking whether that the content can end that is the condition of human mind, human existence. Can that be transformed?
The question of believe is part of our consciousness, the ideals, the faiths that devide man against man. The totalitarian ideology and the democratic ideology, the katic ideology and the present ideology. Their believe, their dogmas, their values as the same initiatic world. As part of our consciousness. As naturalism is part of our consciousness.
Whether that believe can enter completely, having no believe ideals at all, but actually face facts as they are, not as they should be.
When each one sees the fact of it, the truth of it, the reality of it, the logic of it, we can be free totally from believe, ideals and ideology.

This applies a great deal of investigation, attention, energy to find out how our minds are crippled with believes and ideologies. Which is an actual escape from that which is. And being capable of meeting what is we try to escape into some ideals.

Is it at all possible to transform this extraordinary phenomena of what man has become and what he has done with the world, with his own life and with the life around him.
By observing very closely impartially, dispassionately what we are and what we have made of the world.
The world is in a terrible state. It is very serious. Its a tremendous danger for each of us. By observing, not agreeing, not seeing things as I see it or as you see it with our own particular bios, with our own nationalistic, idiotic points of view. But rather we are free to observe. Free to observe implies not to have any bios to see exactly whats going on. If we do not see that accurately then we will not be able to relate ourselves to that accurately, precisely. If one observes clearly, without any motto, without any direction, just observe like you observe a mountain which is there, majestic, silent, immovable.
The same way to observe this extraordinary phenomna of man. We are observing closely, hesitently, attentively this movement. This tide which goes out and comes in which is what we are will create the world.

What is your responsibility towards all this? How far will you go in your responsibility? How deeply, how wildly or limit oneself to ones own little life, ones own little experience, pleasures and forget the vast human suffering, poverty, not be concerned or be concerned of one particular type of war or be concerned with the ending of all wars. Not only outward war but also the inward struggle of man. His internal conflict within himself and with his fellow man.
This has been the history of man.

Learn to observe your body, your mind and nature. Become sensitiv for the important things in your life. Do yoga and meditation and start feeling your self. Find yourself as you are.

J. Krishnamurti