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If we are creating our realities, then we are fiction writers, writing our life stories. In the ancient past, before language, we wrote our stories based on the possible plots available to our conscious minds limited to our direct experience. Once we made the leap into language-based thinking, our possible plots became infinite and overwhelmingly complex. That is when fear began to grow and destabilize our psyche. If there was nothing immediate to fear, we simply began creating reasons to worry about the possibility of unwanted experiences. Most of the stress and fear on the planet is based on pure fiction. The same story told again and again becomes locked into place. It becomes a belief. It becomes the truth to us. And because we hold these truths as though they are life savers in the ocean of endless possibilities, we limit our experience and our ability to expand our conscious awareness by clinging to them without question.


We humans are a decision-making species. Before we developed language, our decisions were based on our personal experience. Our experiences informed our beliefs. Our parents and caregivers shared their beliefs based on their experiences. This is how we learned. And then we developed language and began to think in abstractions instead of actual experiences. For instance, imagine a scene where a non-language group is dealing with a situation in which a bowl has cracked. There would be physical examination and sharing of the evidence. The bowl would be placed aside for solid foods only. But that would likely be the extent of the event. It did not hold great emotional upset. After language, we became inventors of shame and blame: “The bowl is cracked. How did this happen? Who did this? I worked so hard to make this bowl. I think you cracked my bowl. You must make another bowl.”…. and the never-ending possibilities of paranoia, blame, shame, guilt and lying became available story lines, where before those stories could not even be imagined. The pathology of neurosis was born.


Abstract thinking was so complex and frightening that we never learned how to make use of this new way of thinking with our conscious minds. Instead, we kept the thoughts stuffed away in our mental cellars: the subconscious. Ninety-five percent of our thinking still happens in that dark and hidden cellar, yet it informs our choices and decisions, it forms concrete beliefs, and it affects the outcomes of our daily lives, our hopes and dreams and our physical health or disease. We were taught by unconscious parents who were taught by unconscious parents who were taught by unconscious parents going back into pre-history. Most of these teachings were based on stories and interpretations told from places of fear and mistrust. Before language our fear was a tool for navigating the physical world and it was only used for survival. For instance, we might point to a stalking lion and motion for others to run. After language, fear could be manufactured in our minds with just a thought. Humans began a descent into the egoic mind where our personal stories about truth and reality stirred up tremendous fear and pathology in our species.

We are coming upon a time of tremendous change. In fact we are in the center of this great and beautiful storm at this very moment. For the first time in our known history, the global community is connected through technology. We have access to more information every moment than we did the moment before. There is nothing we cannot learn. But there is something which we MUST unlearn. We must unlearn the telling of fearful stories from every daily situation, as we currently tend to do. For instance: “The aircon guy didn’t come!” might be a fact, but any feelings of disgust, anger, rage, or feeling victimized are not necessary to solve the problem. Those stories stir up stress and confuse our possible solutions. Or: “I am late for work!” might also be a fact, but the terror we play out in our minds and hearts about possible consequences create more stress for our us than we can continue to manage. Over time, these moment by moment decisions to create frightening stories about what is happening is creating a society of pathology and disconnectedness. Our bodies are breaking down with all kinds of diseases and disorders. We are seeing the pathology in individuals who act out with violence against others. We are realizing it in the broken political and corporate machines that try to control us.


But no one can really control us. We are in control. There is nothing to fear. Yes, you can find much to fear, but being afraid is not mandatory, even in the face of the most extreme threats. I am not speaking of bravado and macho toughness. Those expressions are simply manufactured armour worn by frightened disconnected souls. As we take control of our thoughts and feelings, as we move the playground of creation from our dark subconscious to the light of our conscious awareness, we can create the ideas to expand our awareness; to connect with our source. We must stop telling scary stories to ourselves. It is truly that simple. The Universe, Love, Prime Creator, God, Allah, All That Is, The Fundamental Process; however you name our source, we are loved and supported more than we now know. Drop the stories and soften the beliefs. The love is at our center and surrounds our being. Love is the glue of the Universe. There is nothing but abundance in this Universe. We can create an abundance of fear or an abundance of love. It really doesn’t matter what our neighbour creates, or what another group creates, or what pop culture creates. We create our own realities with our stories or with our interpretation of what is happening. If you must tell yourself stories, tell good ones.