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Pricelist 2020

pricelist 2020 

Regular group classes
10 Yoga lessons 
  6 Yoga lessons
  1 Yoga lesson
  1 Yoga Nidra

1 privat Yoga lesson
1 Yoga Therapie session
1 Access Bars Session
1 Singing Bowl Cell Tuning
1 Kansa Face Massage
1 Kansa Foot Massage

Online Yoga Classes
10 online Yoga Classes

à 60 minutes

à 60 minutes
à 60 minutes
à 40 minutes

à 60 minutes
à 60 minutes
à 60 minutes
à 60 minutes
à 35 minutes
à 35 minutes

à 60 minutes

140 Euro       valid 3 month

  85 Euro       valid 2 month
15 Euro       
  15 Euro       

  35 Euro       
  40 Euro       
  40 Euro       
  40 Euro       
  15 Euro       
  15 Euro       

  15 Euro       
135 Euro     

Prices are per person and packages are not to be shared.

Accepted payment methods:
We accept Paypal and payments in cash USD, Euro and EGP before the start of the class.

Due to the actual situation please bring your own mat.
Most yoginis and yogis like to wear light cotton clothes and bring a small towel and a bottle of water.

We accept PayPal

Payment and cancellation policy 

For bookings please whatsapp +20 120 1673459