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Asato Ma Sat Gamaya Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya Mrityor Maamritam Gamaya

Let us be led from the unreal to the
Real From darkness to the Light..

We all have an invisible ‘veil of perception’ that we wear in front of our eyes and ears. The veil is composed of all our experiences up until this exact point. It includes whatever our ethnicity is, origin of birth, religious background and namesake.

The entire world is your mental projection. We live in a projection Universe!

The sutra above reminds us that although what we see through the veil is very real for us, it may not be what is the most real – our perceptions and life experience colors much of what we see and hear. Many times we witness this in others easily, but it can be more challenging to see it in our ourselves. For example, you get in an argument with someone, maybe someone you know really well, liked a loved one. It’s the same spat yet in different forms that you have been having for years. (It’s an ancient wound that you have not healed and that is why it is reoccurring). One day you finally see the veil in which the person in front of you shouting has on. You see that maybe they were once hurt by another, hence the defensiveness, or you hear the words they say are ones they really wanted to say to their neglectful parent. And for a moment you sense in the other a wounded child who is afraid. In the end of the day, we are all children. We may have accomplishments and more money, but ancient wounds still exist if one has not done their own healing work to let them go. Even so, they can still be reactivated by an argument with a loved one or close friend or even a neutral. Those wounds will continue to get reactivated until we make friends with them, until we realize the ‘origin’, until we see what our veil holds, and how it shapes us, makes us react the way we do. We will continue to pick certain people to trigger it until we see it.

The partner or co-worker we don’t get along with or have reoccurring issues with is your GURU. They are sent to you to show you what your veil has in it, and to shed light and bring clarity to you so that you can CHANGE. Guru = remover of darkness. Anything in any shape or form can be a guru. We can burn up ‘karmic seeds’.

Karmic seeds are the ones that exist to challenge you but help you to grow, too. A way that you burn it up is like this: the next time you feel yourself wanting to react or do your habitual reaction to discomfort (and many times this involves another person), you do something different. You burn the seed by changing the behavior. STOP SHIFTING BLAME. You are a grown-up now — take responsibility for the role you play in your partnerships. You create your own reality. The more you make an effort to ‘burn the seeds’ , the less that pattern or type of person or situation will appear in your life. When you do see it again — a trait in another that has always triggered you in the past — you will smile and make friends with it. You have been here before, you have dealt with this energy each day little by little over time- the seeds have been burned. You have to do the work — shifting blame keeps you in ‘samsara’ or HELL.

Seeing someone else’s veil is usually easier than seeing our own, but it would behoove us it figure out what ours is either through self-examination or through therapy/yoga — a combo is very effective. You discover why you keep attracting the same type of people, why you are afraid to live your life the way you want.

Seeing it in ourselves first will then strengthen our ability to see it in others. This is the beginning of compassion. Compassion for ourselves means seeing all our different sides – not just the ‘good ones’ and standing by them like you would for a small child. If your child were acting foolishly, or made a mistake, you would not scold them but rather you might consider they didn’t know any better and that’s why they did what they did. It’s the same with us – sometimes we don’t know any better and we behave unconsciously. But the more we see why we do what we do, the more compassion we can have for ourselves. The more we can see, the more we can change — but seeing is the first step to any transformation. Create awareness for yourself and life.