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Personal Coaching - Smarter living

Personal Coaching - Smarter living  -  because you are unique

Have you ever asked yourself why others are successful, happy, beautiful, healthy, confident... ?
We are all familiar and overwhelmed with what we would like and could do but, why don`t we actually take action? Actually make that first step?
Why do we dwell late at night worried and pissed off at ourselves for not being who we really want to be?

In this personal sessions everything concentrates only on YOU and YOU only make the first step.
Having the courage and taking the first action to be who you really want to be is the biggest step.

Personal coaching sessions are designed to provide you with tools to
raise your personal vibrations and expand your awareness beyond anxiety, depression and stress; or to work as a complementary therapy for chronic illness or other health issues to empower and support you to do this in your everyday life in a self-sustaining way. Changing the way to approach life, changes life itself.

In each class we work together on a yoga praxis for you. The sessions are very practical for maximum impact and efficacy for the expansion of your awareness and may include yoga asana practice, mental trainings, tools and assistance for you to process fear and other emotions, learn to be comfortable feeling a full spectrum of human emotion without resistance, learning to relax, discovery of your true purpose, physical body work to help you get back into your body awareness and "out of your head", yogic body movement work, meditation and nutrition coaching.

The Yoga Classes are quite tailor made and aimed to guide and support participants in their personal growth, developing self knowledge, healing and compassion in order to restore or maintain good health & inner peace.

- Our “ingredients” are Yoga (specially that kind that naturally comes from within), easy to follow guided Meditations, Self Healing techniques, Chakra & Nadis harmonization, Creative Visualization and Asana Practice..

- A (facultative) sharing time is also part of our way to work. During it participants are welcome to interact exchanging experience, feelings, knowledge and raise questions about spiritual growth, universal laws, healing and whatever is related to our path as souls.

- When we meet we create a sacred space where respect, kindness and privacy are a must.
- Since Self Healing is also a very effective prevention method, you don’t need to be sick to join ;)
- Our direction is Unity so there are no beginners and advance levels. We meet to grow together and support each other.

- Sometimes you’ll might find things that you already know, other times something very new or approached from a different perspective. Always try to catch what is there for you and enjoy the journey.

- You will learn to allow yourself to let blockages go, to relax. Allow yourself to release tensions, to breath and feel open for all aspects in life. Allow yourself to be happy and healthy.

- Learn to love yourself. YOU are the most important person in your life.

As there are different people in different moments of their path, there are different KINDS of YOGA. We practice Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, 
The advice is to find yours, the one who totally fits you.
Mine is a tailor made combination of many.



Despite Self Healing is one of the most misunderstood aspects of well being and spiritual growth, to me is the core of any step we take. Healing always comes from within.
To practice Self Healing it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to be sick.
It means that you are aware that any growth requires to harmonize with the universe and let go something.
Letting go something that you don’t need anymore, bad habits, tensions, mental negative attitudes, physical and emotional pain, big and small traumas, …
How? Through love, through understanding, awareness and practice.
Our body, our soul, our spiritual side have all the numbers to heal themselves on any level. You just need to rediscover how.

MEDITATION occupies an important part of our sessions.
Often people think that to Meditate is something difficult that they could never achieve.
Yes it is true, it need practice, a lot of practice.
But it is also true that the Guided Meditations we do are very easy to follow and arrive straight to the soul. Try it!
You’ll discover (or deepen) a wonderful part of Life.

Be courageous, take the first step, try it out, live a smarter life.
Harmony and joy will arise, success and confidence!

Change your life in a heartbeat. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with you. 

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