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things about yoga and how to get it right
In travelling around the globe and at home in Sharm el Sheikh in the Sinai I learn so much about people and peoples experiences practicing yoga. Mainly we all
great, be connected and live healty and radiant lives.

Yoga can be scary, intimidating and just plain not fun. My goal has been to help myself and others have fun, move with ease and follow feeling and intuition. The "easy" approach has worked for loads of people, including myself allowing people the space and freedom to help their bodies work for them and their meinds to calm, focus and be at ease.

At the center of it all is happiness. The aim with every class is lead is to help people connect to themselves where they always find joy and freedom. When people are disconnected things get tough, thense and stuck. When you are connected to you, you remember its great to be you and you remember everything you need to know is right inside, waiting for you to tap in and enjoy the ride.

When the practice of yoga is about connecting inward, staying easy and having the goal to feel great, amazing results happen. You get strong, calm, connected. You get intuitive and happy.

1. Its about the guru.
Yoga philosophy says the guru is within, but people practice memorizing the rules of some outside guru.Philosophy lectures will have you seated, writing in journals, and lectured to. Its more useful when you practice exactly what you want in your life, rather than having this disconnect between an idealized philosophy and a very different-looking practice.

If you want freedom and creativity in your life, you can practice that in your yoga. By practicing your own yoga, you get to directly experience your power within. Practice gives you the experience and confidence to move with ease in your life.

2. Its not an intellectual study
Of course, you can sit araound and pontificate, theorize, even argue and sign yourself up to listsen to someone tell you what yoga is. Or you could do something much more useful and fun: practice and find out for yourself. Join classes, learn to be good to your body, learn how to feel your body and then practice.

3. It looks different on every body
One version of a pose is not better or more advanced then another. Too often instructors say "If you are advanced to this, if you are a beginner to this". If advanced yoga had to do with poses, 11 year old gymnasts would be the most advanced yogis. Advanced yoga has to do with what is goin on in your mind. Dont worry about the picture of the pose. Allow yourself to find the ease in your body and mind. And a fun note: When you allow yourself to be easy, the poses wil be a lot easier.

4. I can be very athletic
A mistake that happens along a yoga path is disconnecting the mind, body and spirit. "I am not my body" is a mantra that leads to unhappiness while you are living inside your body, which is your entire life. Its ok and not superficial to move your body in a way to keep it healthy, strong and open. Yoga is the connection of the mind, body and spirit. Stay connected and enjoy the ride.

5. Its not a religion
The power is within you. Yoga connects you back inward. The practice brings you closer to your own truth. Christians, Muslim, Hindus and many other religions all practicing together.

6. It can be your main form of exercise
If you practice mobing your body every day with yoga, it can be your only form of exercise and it can be a really great way to cultivate health for your entire life.

7. Its not boring
your practice is there for you to connect inward. It can be as exciting and as interesting as you dare to discover. We make sure that you have a lot of fun.

8. It doesnt causes injuries
People get injured practicing yoga when they disconnect from how they feel. When you push and force your body, your body will break. When you practice listening and following how you feel, you will cultivate a strong, healthy and radiant body and mind from the inside out.

9. You dont need to memorize and follow a bunch of rules
The only useful rule is to listen to yourself and follow that and practice up to capazity.

10. Nowbody is more spiritual than anyone else
Everybody has a spirit. We are all equally spiritual. Being a good person is something we can work on.