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things to consider before doing a yoga retreat

things to consider before doing a yoga retreat

What are the things to think about before investing in yoga retreat?

Yoga retreats and yoga teacher courses are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, making it easy for potential trainees to choose the right for them. Yet, however saturated the yoga scene may currently be, it is still very important to do your research. 

When we make commitments, we should keep them. Anyone who has been through a yoga retreat or a yoga teacher training knows that it is a commitment that is instructive, therapeutic, and transformative; in the end, so worth it. Choosing a yoga retreat or a training just because you can squeeze it into your schedule, or because you want to add it to your list of certifications, is never a wise or elevated idea. 

Here are 3 tips when considering a yoga retreat or yoga teacher training:

1.     Have a mentor. If you don’t have a teacher you currently study with consistently, start taking classes at different places that hold yoga retreats. First, see if you like the vibe of the studio, the style they teach, and the teachers themselves. The teacher/student relationship has been somewhat lost in the Western world, but it should not be - there is great Truth in having a mentor you admire and want to mimic. 

2.      Focus on what you need. Remember that what may resonate with some of your friends may not be what YOU need ultimately. It’s good to talk to likeminded people to see what has worked for them and who they like as teachers, but in the end, you need to be comfortable with whatever program and teachers you commit yourself to. Listen to your heart. The experience will surely change you on many levels, so make sure you have a trust in the teacher/s before signing on. 


3.     Be open and ready. Ask yourself, "Am I willing to be open and available to the teachings?" There is a wonderful quote: the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Part of the readiness is being committed, empty, and a willingness to be vulnerable. Anything worth having will require work and dedication, and your yoga practice is not exempt from that.

In the end, there are all sorts of teachers and schools. Just as there are all sorts of students. Its not for me or anyone to judge whether they are good or bad. Everyone is at a different point in their journey and has different capacities to learn the lesson they need to learn.

In the end, its not up to every school to uphold every standard. Its up to he student to be the responsible one. Its up to the student to make the choice as to what kind of experience they want and, ultimately, what kind of teacher is right to them. Some students want to reduce the pains and fear the physical world can bring. Others want to go deeper and explore a level of spirituality they are only becoming aware of.

As i always tell people, first the physical, then the philosophical, then the spiritual. Attend to each to gain a healthy body, mind and spirit. You see, time is really the only factor in your journey. Your path will unfold in its own time.

Along the way you need to find a teacher that can help you for the here and now, but always with an eye for the future. Anyone can talk the talk, but sooner or later you have to walk the walk. Finding yomewone who has not just read about whre the path leads, but walked it - will make your journey much easier. This course is similar to a yoga teacher training and for everybody who desires to go on a intensive inner experience.

Walk the walk on a 
 one month holistic yoga inner journey  This course is similar to a yoga teacher training and for everybody who desires to go on an intensive inner experience to yourself.