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Upcoming Workshops 
27.09.2022  Vision is an important aspect in life Workshop               at Sinai old Spices
22.10.2022  Detox Introduction Workshop
26.11.2022  Detox Practice Workshop
17.12.2022 Meditation Techniques

28.01.2023  Nutrition Workshop
25.02.2023  Heal your Gut Workshop
18.03.2023  Soak, sprout and ferment Workshop
22.04.2023  Happiness, health and success
20.05.2023  Are you a carb junkey?
17.06.2023  How to fix a broken metabolism

Workshops are held in english language except the Yoga Beginners Workshop will be also held in german, please bring your mat, a notebook and pen.
Sinai old Spices you will need a towel and bathing suit to enjoy the sun and the pool.

Cost 55 Euro
Your space is reserved with your prepayment untill latest 3 days before the workshop.

Yoga and Meditation for Beginners from 9 - 12 h 
This Yoga and Meditation workshop is a course for newcomers with and without pre knowledge.
Learn to breath the yogic way, to deeply relax, to feel your body while practicing asana, chanting a mantra together is a freeing feeling and get an idea about the origin and meaning of yoga.
Practice Yoga Asanas, learn about the yogic way and enjoy a Yoga Nidra Meditation. 

♦ Detox Introduction Workshop at Sinai old Spices from 9-13h
Grant yourself a day of detoxing and relaxing with a detoxing Yoga Class. If you feel tired or exhausted, you are feeling heavy and suffer from allergies then learn to get rid of the waste, activate the organs and feel fresh and light again.
All techniques teached today can be performed at home and are tools for a better body feeling and healthier life.

♦ Detox Practice Workshop at Sinai old Spices from 9 - 11 h
Practice 15 yogic and ayurvedic detox techniques and learn details in a Detox Class. Learn to implement detoxing in your everyday life.
This workshop includes a welcome drink, breakfast tea, healthy lunch and water.

♦ Nutriton Workshop at Sinai old Spices from 9 - 13 h
Its time to take care for yourself....
Because when you change how you eat and fuel your body, you empower yourself to take back control to make better decisions and to prioritize YOU.
Take the first step to understand - and not just follow blindly - why and how food works for or against your body.
Practice Yoga, learn about Anti Aging form inside and enjoy a Food Awareness Practice.

♦ Gut Health Workshop at Sinai old Spices from 9 - 13 h
Having a healthy and mobile gut is integral to your well-being.
Most of us have heard about gut health and maybe even know
the basics.... but whats all the fuss about?
The health of our gut affects EVERYTHING from our mood, brain
function, sleep, weight, allergies, food sensitivies and immune

During this workshop you will learn all the tools and skills you need to ensure your healing success.
Practice Yoga and learn about your gut health.

♦ Soak, sprout and ferment Workshop at Sinai old Spices from 9 - 13 h
Learn how easy it is to soak, sprout and ferment and sample delicious ways on how to incorporate these enriched foods into your daily life!
Practice Yoga and learn to prepare the healtiest food for your gut.

♦ How to connect with nature Workshop at Sinai old Spices
from 9 - 13 h

Nature is a universally free source of very compelling gifts for human beings. Yet unfortunately, for most people having a real life daily or weekly connection to nature is not a normal part of their experience. Learn some tools to reconnect to nature again and find an experience that exists in silence and takes us into the deepest rooted levels of our being.
Practice Yoga and learn the tools to connect to nature. 

♦ yogic and ayurvedic Menopause Workshop at Sinai old Spices from 9 - 13 h
By the end of this workshop you will know how to treat yourself lovingly and lower or avoid the sympthoms of menopause. Menopause happens. Its a natural transition and like all transitions menopause has to be managed to minimize discomfort and discover your body more.
Practice energyzing Yoga and learn about treating yourself well during menopause.

♦ Natural pregnancy tips at Sinai old Spices from 9 - 13 h
As with anything in life, knowledge builds confidence and ability. What would be more important than being confident in your ability to have a safe and natural pregnancy?
Practice pregnancy Yoga and learn to enjoy a natural
and happy pregnancyn.

♦ Meditation Techniques and how to find the one for yourself at Sinai old Spices from 9 - 13 h
Learn about different Meditation Techniques and tools to find a daily meditation habit.
Practice chanting, breathing and a relaxing awareness exercise, learn about Meditation Techniques and enjoy a Soundhealing guided Meditation.

♦ Workshop for happiness, health and success at
Sinai Old Spices from 9 - 13 h
Loving yourself is really hard. In this workshop you will learn 
how to do it.
Practice yoga for awareness and learn daily practices to increase
loving yourself

♦ Sugar Sugar Baby... at Sinai Old Spices from 9 - 13 h
If you are on of the millions of people suffering from obesity,
diabetes, high blood pressure of even just plain feeling crummy
you`ll want to seriously consider detoxifying. In this workshop
you will learn how to detox from sugar.
Practice yoga and learn how to eat different but yummie.

♦ Are you a carb junkey? At Sinai Old Spices from 9 - 13 h
Is there an other way to provide energy to your organs then by
eating bread and sweets? What is Ketosis and how to get there.
Learn how metabolism of carbohydrates works in your body and
how you can optimize it.

Practice yoga and learn how to eat different but yummie.

♦ How to fix a broken metabolism... at Sinai Old Spices
from 9 - 13 h
Your organs are overworked and you feel tired and always hungry even after a meal? You can change this and feel lighter and more energized by learning how to treat your body different and let it heal with a bit a different intake of food.
Practice yoga and learn how to heal your body with the right food and lifestyle.

♦ Vision is the most important aspekt in your life...
at Sinai Old Spices from 9 - 13 h
In order to understand where we want ourselfes to be in life, we
must have a clear vision over our life. In this workshop we will
highlight and break down ways how vision directs us to our purpose, how to create your vision and how to make it happen.

♦ This workshops include a welcome drink, breakfast tea, health
lunch and water.

Workshops can also be organized individually for a minimum of 4 person.
For Information and Bookings please call or contact on whatsapp    
Your space is reserved after prepayment untill latest 3 days before the workshop.
Ask for resident rates. 

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