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Meditations & Visualizations

Expand the ecosystem of your life exchange your cleverness for bewilderment.
Your scientific inside, your arroganz is where the problem is. If you for one moment stop and
exchange your cleverness for bewilderment you will find your clarity, your humility and have a
sacred attitude to existense. It doesnt matter of what you call existense, because the mystery of
existense is what humans call GOD. It is insolvable, it is inconceivable, it is mysterious, it is
irreducable, it is undefinable, it is formless, it is infinit and you can not conceptualise or rassionalise
the infinit. You have to surrender to it with a sacred feeling and humility. 
The ecosystem will repair itself and we will resurface as human beings. Not human bodies, not
human minds, not human doings but human beings. Its about nourishing your mind with the
bewildered knowledge. (Deeprak Chopra)

In Meditation you sit quietly and calm your body.
There are basically 3 methods of meditation.
The attention on one single object in your awareness as a candle, an emotion or a mantra.
Buddhist mindful techniques like placing your awareness on the breath, your thoughts with a
view of detaching. 
Transcendental meditation where the emphasis is on effortless. No contemplation or
concentration is involved, simply the gentle repetition of a mantra.

Its totally normal to have thoughts during meditation. Don`t try to fight your thoughts, just 
observe them. Meditation should feel easy and enjoyable. If you sit every day for 5 minutes 
or more you will experience better sleep quality, calm, harmony and a balanced state of mind.
We move beyond the realm of thinking into the realm of being.

Visualization is more active, it requires you to be alert.
Through Soulfoods we use our imagination to guide our mind to achieve goals and create change.
Olympic athlets use visualization before competitions to perform at their very best and improve
their outcomes.

Practice your individual tailormade visualization on your way to achieve your dreams and goals and
create the most amazing version of you. Contact me for a free soul talk.

Everything in your life is created in your mind. Feed your mind with the vision of your dreams and
consciously design your happiness. Start everyday with energies of bliss, happiness and a vision.
Have the most powerful daily meditation practice that nourishes your brain and makes you accomplish
more and more. Listen and be still!
Your life is your reality, your reality are your thoughts.
Feed your mind soulfood and become the most amazing version of you.
Here a little taster:

Get your full Visualization Meditation here

Ecstatic high Energy course
Soulfood Visualization Meditations are 10 - 20 min long. Increase your awareness and
consciousness level by receiving 5 powerful meditation sessions. Feel the change in your life
already after the first time meditating.
Become a member of our Soulfood online community. Ask questions and exchange your
experience with like minded friends.

Its important to love yourself when making moves.
Intrinsic yoga helps with nourishing yourself well and taking the time to acknowledge who you are
and why its important to live your passion.

It increases your life sooo much with fun, exitement, success, love and deep feelings. Don`t miss it!
Take action and change your future NOW!