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therapeutic yoga

Yoga therapy is the application of science-based yoga techniques for targeted prevetion and cure of diseases.

The still young discipline of therapeutic yoga already enjoys in the health systems of India and the United States a high reputation and a considerable importance in the field of complementary medicine.

The enormous effectiveness of targeted yoga techniques in combination with Ayurveda is already evident in many scientific studies and especially in the successful treatment of people with different ailments.

Yoga therapy is the applicaton of classical yoga techniques to specific problems and their causes. Specific asanas (exercises), pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation techniques are used. The central theme of yoga therapy is to activate the self-healing powers, life style developmend and self-help.

The yoga therapy is highly compatible with conventional medicine and other natural therapies by appointment. Yoga therapy is suitable for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

Yoga therapy is a health-oriented lifestyle concept for all people who want to do something for themselves. Anytime and anywhere.

Effects of yoga therapy techniques                                              Techniques of Yoga Therapy

Stress reduction and relaxation
The main aim of yoga therapy is the physical and mental relaxation. The student feels himself clearer and can ground again and stabilize.

Gain strenght and harmonization
From the prespective of the yogis complaints arise, whether physical or mental, caused by blocked or lack of life energy (prana). Through targeted activation of the energy level available energy increases and hamonizes.

Access to the underlying causes
The causes of various symptoms are often hidden deep. With yoga therapy this can be more easily discovered. Thus, the orthodox medical view is supplemented by important elements and strenghten the self-healing powers.

The combination of Yoga, Ayurveda and modern medical knowledge has brought remarkable results with the following complaints:

- Treatment of stress-related comlaints
- Burnout
- Cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure
- Preventing heart attack, after heart attack
- Back, neck, joint pain
- Digestive problems
- Sleep
- Difficulty breathing, asthma
- Overweight
- Restlessness, nervousness, anger and frustration
- Rheumatism

Yoga therapy is the selective use of a personalized yoga program for the treatment of certain ailments. By the perfect side-effect free use of yoga techniques, many complaints can be allevaited or cured.

In a one on one consultation your personal precisely tailored yoga program is developed with the goal to support your optimal health development and recovery.

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