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Yoga and Detox Retreat Sharm el Sheikh

yoga und detox retreat in Sharm el Sheikh with Yogini Gaby Anjali  30.04. - 03.05.2020

Are you stressed or are you looking for a place to unplug, to slow down the fast pace, relax and get
back in touch with yourself and nature?
Are you suffering from allergies, pains and are you looking for a way to clean your body from inside out?
Are you demotivated, sad or even depressed and are you surching a way how you get back to 
happiness and joy of life, peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body?

Embark on a 4 days retreat where you deeply feel and experience the positive effects of an ultimate
Wellness and Cleansing pampering.
Every day you will discover how your body responds on the yoga exercises, softens and opens.
Discoveries that create a solid basis. Get to know the law of the universe and consciously
experience your body and mind. Change your attitude towards life and life itself changes.
Learn how you can integrate these techniques into your everyday life and how you can create your
own wellness oasis. Tend to both your inner and outer self with the natural healing of this many
detox methods. Learn mantras and how to set your mind into a positiv direction.

day 1     welcome circle, detox consultation and dinner, watching the stars on the rooftop
day 2+3 guided meditation, yoga class and detox breakfast, time to rest
              afternoon detox seminars for body and mind, introduction to health coaching
              evening guided meditation releasing blockages, early dinner and fire ceremony
day 4     yoga class and breakfast, closing circle

Additional Services:
Share a renewing and invigorating experience combining traditional rituals and modern sophistication.
Discover the ancient ayurvedic Kansa Face- and/or Footmassage, Tibetan Singingbowl Healing and release
blockages in an Access Bars Healing Session.

What makes this retreat so special: Our venue is on a very tranquile place beside a beautiful mountain.
Our individual boutique rooms are designed with love. We practice a simple philosophy inspired by nature,
clean eating, relaxation, spirituality and a balanced healthy mind & healthy body lifestyle.

minimum 4, max 8 people

Pricing for 4 days:                           regular price:        495 Euro per person
book untill 10.03.2020 and get the   early bird price:    425 Euro per Person   

super special offer: 4 days retreat + 2 weeks personal coaching  1000 Euro
to ensure the ongoing progress and the implementation of the detox tools at home.
Make detoxing, rejuvenation and healing an ongoing normal habit in your life.


  • guided Meditations and Pranayama
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Mindset work
  • Yoga Classes and Seminars
  • 3 Nights in a shared double room (single room can be booked with add. supplement)
  • 3 daily healthy vegetarian meals
  • Yogamats are available, but bring your own if you like
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Healty, jummy meals
  • lots of information to take home to detox during your daily life
  • Journaling
  • Personalized Detox plan
  • Lots of fun, exchange, spiritual moments, conversations and deep changes and healing

Desis etnostyle restaurant at the Sinai Old Spices Bed & Breakfast invites to a cosy get-together, chatting,
and enjoying nice and healthy food. The food will be fresh, green and light to promote detoxing. The
rooftop is the ideal place for evening yoga classes, fire ceremony and relaxation under the stars.

Watch a video about our retreats 

Not included:
additional Services
additional Snacks (not recommended anyway)

For bookings and information please send and email to

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